Digital Art And Other Media.


A few things about me as an artist .........


 Art in one form or another has been an integral part of our lives. And so it has been for me. All my life I have dabbled in art forms, visualising and creating art, not knowing it would lead me to this point in my life. Largely a self taught artist, I find the challenge of learning something new every day very stimulating, very uplifting and satisfying.

The actual process of creating art in any form helps to free my mind and as a tool it helps me express myself with an inexplicable sense of freedom. Looking back on my life I find that art has, and continues to define who I am.

I like to work in a manner that employs both traditional as well as innovative techniques. Especially so with all the Abstract Contemporary Artwork, be it digital art or otherwise. Normally sparked off as an idea, the artwork will always influence its own path or direction. It is very much the subconscious taking over, once my conscious mind has created the initial draft. The undisputed art director.

As a member of an online artists community with many accomplished artists as members, I am honoured to have learned from artists around the world. I like to keep myself updated and in tune by reading, studying and taking part in various workshops experimenting with different kinds of media.
I like to think of myself as a word junkie and reader of literature great and small. As a result I have a storehouse of associations vying for expression. Expressions of the various conflicting facets of life that we see, feel and know. Consequently a lot of my work is a culmination of my very own personal experiences and beliefs. This is what I have tried to portray and I hope you enjoy it.

With Love....